Here you can find some of my research.

Published papers

  • Adrián Segura Moreiras, Ernesto Alejandro Suárez Puga, «Una defensa de la mayor transparencia de las cláusulas de referenciación IRPH en contratos de financiación bancaria. », InDret 3.2020 ,pp. 505-534

Working papers

  • Revisiting Determinacy in a New Keynesian Model. (Joint work with Dr. Alberto Fern'andez-Boix)

  • Car Accidents in The Age of Robots (Joint work with Dr.Alessandro De Chiara and Idoia Elizalde (Submitted July 2020))

  • Are you injurer or victim? Liability for accidents under role-type uncertainty. (Joint work with Professor Nuno Garoupa (Submitted June 2020))

  • Disagreeing or Dissenting: An Empirical Exploration of Possible Motivations (Joint work with Professor Nuno Garoupa and Dr. Laura Salamero (Submitted July 2020)).